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6 Things To Look For In A Workers’ Comp Attorney

Written by Cooper & Friedman PLLC on January 18, 2019
Workers' Comp Attorney

A situation where you are injured and unable to work is a scary one. How will you find money to keep food on the table and a roof over your head? If your injury occurred at work, and your employer is not offering compensation, it may be time to look for a workers’ comp attorney. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney will work with you to get you the compensation you deserve from your employer. If you’ve found yourself in a situation where you need an experienced attorney, look for these six things to make the right choice.

6 Things To Look For In A Workers’ Comp Attorney

1. A Reputable Public Image

A trusted attorney who has a reputable public image is important when looking for a workers’ comp attorney. One of the best ways to find a lawyer with a good public image is to ask for recommendations. Recommendations from friends, co-workers, and family can help make the decision of choosing a worker’s compensation lawyer much easier. It is much more likely that you will find a good lawyer based off of recommendations than advertising. If your close friends, family, and co-workers do not have much experience with lawyers, contact your local BAR associations and legal aid offices. They will be able to provide you with unbiased information on attorneys and provide referrals.

2. Experience in Workers’ Compensation

Be sure to choose an attorney who has past experience with workers’ compensation claims. Just like you wouldn’t ask your landscaper to close your pool or your pool guy to mow your lawn, you want an attorney with in-field experience. Lawyers who have workers’ comp experience know the ins and outs of the process for filing a claim and getting clients full benefits in return. When searching for an attorney, look for one who focuses on limited areas of the law. An attorney who has intimate focuses is going to be more attentive than a lawyer who works on cases that range across the board. An attorney who works with work injury cases on the day to day is going to be more effective than one who only sees a workers’ compensation case once in a while.

3. Injury-Specific Experience

On top of finding a lawyer who has experience handling workers’ compensation cases, look for one who is familiar with your injury. This is especially true if your injury is unique in any way. A lawyer who is familiar with your injury type will be able to better represent you against insurance companies for benefits. They will also be familiar with the medical treatment necessary to treat your injury and the expected recovery time. This past knowledge will help them build a strong case for you to receive workers’ compensation for your trouble.

4. Positivity and Proactiveness

An attorney who isn’t positive and proactive is not going to be a good attorney. You want a lawyer who is going to work hard and be happy to work for you. The most important thing to remember is to trust your gut feeling when meeting with lawyers. If they have a good personality and show interest in your case, you will be in good hands. Lawyers who are not interested in the work they will have to do on your case are most likely not going to do the necessary work to get you the compensation you deserve. A positive and proactive attitude is crucial when choosing an attorney.

5. Customer Service Skills

A lawyer who has good customer service skills is also going to be a good lawyer. A lot of people don’t consider customer service skills when shopping for attorneys, but they should. Why this is isn’t clear, but lawyers are known for being standoffish and business-oriented which may have something to do with this stereotype. An attorney with customer service skills is going to work hard to get you what you deserve in regards to workers’ compensation. Look for a lawyer who is respectful and willing to work with you. When you find someone who fits that mold, hire them as your workers’ comp attorney.

6. Free Consultation Offer

Most lawyers offer free consultations for a reason. When it comes to workers’ compensation attorneys, almost all of them offer a free consultation. This is for the benefit of the lawyer, but you can get quite a bit out of it as well! For every question your potential attorney asks you, ask one back. A sage piece of advice is to treat the free consultation as a job interview where you are the interviewee. By asking these questions, you can get tons of information from the attorney regarding their experience, knowledge, and work ethic.

Workers’ compensation lawyers are abundant, but the right workers’ compensation lawyer for your case may not be your first choice. However, it is crucial that you find a workers’ compensation attorney who will represent your case and refuse to stop without getting you the compensation you deserve. A work injury can be devastating, but having a strong workers’ comp attorney on your side can help tremendously. If you are searching for a workers’ compensation attorney, look for these 6 attributes and make your decision from there.

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