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COOPER & FRIEDMAN’s attorneys have handled high profile cases throughout Kentucky. Some of our more notable cases include:

Cooper & Friedman to represent Mr. James Anthony Gray in Civil Rights Case – 2017
Cooper & Friedman has been hired to represent Mr. James Anthony Gray in a civil rights case filed in February 2017. Mr. Gray is a Central Kentucky man who was tried two times for the slayings of his parents. His second conviction was overturned. He is now suing prosecutors and members of the Scott County Sheriff’s Office in federal court for deprivation of rights, malicious prosecution, abuse of process, verbal abuse and harassment, wrongful imprisonment, denial of right to a fair trial and due process, cruel and unusual punishment, conspiracy, illegal and coerced interrogation, invasion of privacy and reputation, and failure to supervise and train officers. More information about this case is available here:

Cooper & Friedman to represent Mt. Sterling Residents in Arsenic Lawsuit – 2016
Cooper & Friedman has been hired to represent roughly 60 individuals in connection with a hazardous chemical spill in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. This case involves an environmental catastrophe in Montgomery County, Kentucky. As widely reported in the news media, over the course of several years through the early 1990s the Southern Wood Treatment Company or others are alleged to have released toxic chemicals, used in their wood treatment process, into the environment throughout the roughly 70 acre area near and around what is now known as Long Lane, in Mt. Sterling, Kentucky. Those chemicals included arsenic and copper, both well known carcinogens. The Defendants’ conduct was not discovered or known to the residents of Long lane (who purchased their lots commencing in 1999) until they were notified by the Commonwealth of Kentucky on August 24, 2016. On that date, employees of the Department of Environmental Protection (“DEP”) appeared on Long Lane with an emergency response team and notified the residents, including Plaintiffs, that their property was heavily contaminated. The residents were informed not to go outside, not to eat from their gardens, to wipe their pet’s feet before entering their homes (mostly consisting of mobile home trailers) and to take other precautions to avoid further exposure to the dangerous chemicals.

The result has been widespread panic and harm to the health, safety, welfare and property of numerous families (including children) in Mount Sterling. The record shows that Southern Wood Treatment Company and its officers, shareholders and owners may have dumped and buried chemicals and contaminated drums on the property at the former treatment facility site. The property was then subdivided into plots which were sold  members of the community. Recently Montgomery County state health officials confirmed that many of the resident’s are suffering from elevated levels of arsenic in their systems greater than, in some cases, a 100 times more than normal limits, which is .02 micrograms per gram.

Cooper & Friedman has filed a legal action by residents of Long Lane, who were exposed to the chemicals in question, to recover damages against all persons or parties who participated in these actions and to obtain just compensation for their families who have been displaced from their homes and had their health harmed by these events. The case is Gwen Burns v. Southern Wood Treatment Company, et al., Montgomery Circuit Corut, Case No. 16-CI-90143.

More information on these events can be found at:


Elliot v. Tinker – 2013
Cooper & Friedman is representing Michael Marler, a 10 year old boy who suffered catastrophic injuries when the vehicle in which he was a passenger was struck by a teenage driver. The driver is currently being prosecuted.

Pridemore v. Lexington Fayette Urban Government – 2013
In this case, a Lexington man was arrested and taken to the Fayette County Detention Center. At the time of his arrest and prior to his release, he was highly intoxicated and had informed the police and other law enforcement officers that he would kill himself. He was released from the jail in less than 2 hours, while still intoxicated. He promptly took his own life by hanging himself. Cooper & Friedman represented the man’s Estate and his Wife and child in claims for damages against the officers and government agencies which allowed these tragic events to occur.  This claim was settled for a confidential amount. To view more information about this case, click on the link(s) below.

Brewer v. Whitely County – 2010
In this case, a young man was brutally beaten by a deputy sheriff. The Sheriff’s Department argued that the deputy was rouge and that he was not acting on their behalf. They also argued that the Plaintiff resisted arrest and was trying to obtain a gun. It was also argued the department and sheriff were immune from legal action as County agencies and that they were not subject to being sued. Cooper & Friedman sued in Federal Court and obtained a jury verdict for the young man for $6,300,000.00. To view more information about this case, click on the link(s) below.

Gilpin v. Jefferson County School System – 2010
In this case, a 15-year-old boy collapsed on a football field at Pleasure Ridge Park High School in Louisville, Kentucky after being forced to run wind sprints. He later died of heat stroke. Cooper & Friedman represented his father and the case eventually settled for $1,750,000.00. To view more information about this case, click on the link(s) below. (August 2011 edition)

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