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Cooper and Friedman is continally striving to keep our clients and the community up-to-date with legal issues that may affect them. We also enjoy sharing any developments at our law firm. Check out our blog below for the latest news and info, including articles that address topics relevant to our practice areas including personal injury law, car accidents and workers compensation.

Defensive Driving: Avoiding Accidents Behind the Wheel

Written by Cooper & Friedman PLLC on June 20, 2022
Defensive Driving

No one wants to be in a car wreck. In 2020, these dangerous and costly collisions claimed 780 lives in Kentucky alone. Even in the best-case scenario, where no one is injured, a wreck can cause significant property damage and leave you with higher insurance rates. Luckily, a skilled and knowledgeable driver can often avoid […]

Boating Laws in Kentucky: How to Stay Safe on the Water

Written by Cooper & Friedman PLLC on June 16, 2022
Boating Laws in Kentucky

Kentucky is a nature-lover’s dream. The Bluegrass State is home to countless beautiful forests, parks, and waterways worth exploring. From the scenic hiking and camping sites at Red River Gorge to the beautiful Lake Cumberland, Kentucky has a lot to offer, particularly in the way of lakes and rivers. With over 20 major waterways, those […]

Understanding Your Rights: An Overview of Unlawful Search and Seizure

Written by Cooper & Friedman PLLC on May 31, 2022
The Fourth Amendment specifically protects Americans from “unreasonable search and seizure,” but what exactly does this mean?

The U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights provides Americans with an extensive list of the rights and protections afforded to them by the government. These rights and protections are foundational to our society, informing the actions of our law enforcement and courts. The Fourth Amendment specifically protects Americans from “unreasonable search and seizure,” but what exactly […]

What Are The Most Common Types of Large Truck Accidents?

Written by Cooper & Friedman PLLC on May 23, 2022
Personal Injury Attorneys in Kentucky Help With Car Accidents, Truck Accidents, and Pedestrian Accidents

Sure, we all know them when we see them, but what exactly classifies a truck as “large?” In the United States, truck sizes are determined by gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR), which measures the maximum loaded-weight of the truck. Using GVWR, there are 8 classes of truck, ranging from Class 1: Light Duty (0-6,000 pounds), […]

Long Term Effects of Concussions: What You Should Know

Written by Cooper & Friedman PLLC on May 12, 2022
See symptoms of head injuries here

If you suffered a blow, fall, car accident, or some other type of injury to your head, it is possible that you may experience a concussion. According to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), upwards of three million people in the U.S., including children and adults, suffer from concussions every year. […]

Social Media Scams and Fraud: How Do I Avoid Them?

Written by Cooper & Friedman PLLC on April 30, 2022
Facebook and Instagram Scams

  The internet is rife with scams. People around the world lose millions of dollars each year to fraudulent entities who use ever-changing tactics to surprise, confuse, and exploit unsuspecting victims. While it’s easy to assume that elderly people are the most likely sufferers of scams, the truth is that anyone can be taken off-guard, […]

Preventing Distracted Driving: Texting and Cell Phone Usage Laws by State

Written by Cooper & Friedman PLLC on April 21, 2022
Distracted Driving Laws vary from state to state

There is widespread agreement that cell phone usage can be extremely distracting while operating a motor vehicle. According to the United States Department of Transportation (NHTSA), over 3,100 Americans died due to accidents involving distracted driving in 2020. Many expect these numbers to continue to climb.  Distracted driving is defined as any type of activity […]

8 Signs An Elderly Person May Be Suffering From Financial Abuse

Written by Cooper & Friedman PLLC on April 12, 2022
Elderly People are often financially abused by family

While signs of physical abuse of seniors are often more obvious, including bruising, cuts, scrapes, bed sores, broken bones, and more, financial abuse can often be much more difficult to detect until significant damage is done. Seniors are often the ideal victims of financial abuse  because they are more likely to be socially isolated, mentally […]

Wrongful Arrest and Imprisonment Laws in Kentucky: An Overview

Written by Cooper & Friedman PLLC on March 29, 2022
False Imprisonment Statistics

Wrongful arrest, also known as false imprisonment or false arrest, describes an instance in which someone is wrongfully held or imprisoned, without proper grounds and against their consent. While the majority of false arrests do occur at the hands of police officers, you can be  wrongfully arrested by another civilian, such as being detained by […]

Top Workplace Injuries You Should Know About

Written by Cooper & Friedman PLLC on March 17, 2022
Top Workplace Injuries You Should Know About

Injuries in the workplace are common. Every year thousands of people get unexpectedly injured on the job. While workplace injuries can happen in a myriad of different ways, there are some common scenarios. Based on data from the National Safety Council (NSC), the top causes of workplace injuries may account for upwards of three out […]

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