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Motorcycle Accidents – Facts and Safety Tips

Written by Cooper & Friedman PLLC on January 12, 2017

motorcycle accidentsPeople are choosing to ride motorcycles now more than ever for a wide variety of reasons. Many people enjoy the exhilarating experience of being behind the wheel of a motorcycle. Others choose to ride them because they can be a much more affordable mode of transportation. However, fast, fuel efficient, motorized bikes come with increased dangers.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that motorcyclists are 30 times more likely to die in a car crash than people in automobiles. This is an alarming statistic, but it is also preventable. You don’t have to give up your two wheels to practice safety and there are quite a few ways to prevent motorcycle accidents out on the roadways.

While the statistics on motorcycle accidents mentioned above may seem shocking, there is something that may come as even more of a surprise to you. According to Consumer Reports, riders over 60 years of age are three times more likely to be involved in motorcycle crashes that result in hospital visits than the younger riders. This statistic is based off of the fact that older drivers tend to have slower reflexes, weaker eyesight, and more brittle bones. Given this, it is perhaps even more important for older motorcyclists to take extra safety precautions to increase safety on the roadways.

Reducing the Risk of Motorcycle Accidents – 5 Tips to Increase Safety

For motorcycle riders looking to increase safety, here are some precautions and added bike features that will work to make you safer on the roadways and reduce the risk of motorcycle accidents.

1. Take Riding Lessons

Before even purchasing your first bike, make sure that you receive proper training and understand the rules of the road. While all rules are intended equally for those driving cars and those riding motorcycles, you can never be too informed. You will need to understand the rules of the road from a motorcyclist’s’ perspective before taking off on two wheels yourself. In Louisville, Kentucky, places like the Kentucky Driving School offers motorcycle lessons for beginners and more experienced riders.

2. Buy Something You Can Handle

A large, fast bike is what many first-time riders imagine when purchasing their first motorcycle. And though a large, fast bike may be just what you want, you need to go with what you know. Make sure that both your feet can rest flat on the ground before you take off. Also, if you want to drive on the highway, you will want an engine in the 500 to 750cc range. This will help you keep up with traffic and lessen the risk of a crash.

3. Wear Proper Gear

Always wear a motorcycle helmet. While it’s not the most fashionable piece of equipment, and it’s not required in every state, it has the capability to save your life in the event of a crash. Also, wearing sunglasses, or a visor, can help to improve your vision during sunny days.

4. Drive Defensively

Motorcycles were built for fun, fast driving experiences, but remain alert and cautious. Even if you are confident in your driving skills, you should always be aware of the other drivers on the road that may be less experienced safely operating a vehicle near a motorcyclist.

5. Do Not Drive in Bad Weather

If it is raining, snowing, or windy, then you should probably swap out two wheels for a set of four. This will prevent you from sliding during sudden stops and risking the chance of colliding with other vehicles.

All five of these safety suggestions aim to keep motorcyclists safe on the roadways. While driving an automobile is a safer option, you can still be safe on two wheels. Remember to always remain alert, cautious, and defensive when riding a motorcycle and be sure to wear your helmet.

And in the event that you or someone you love is the victim of a motorcycle accident in Kentucky or Indiana, don’t forget that Cooper & Friedman PLLC is here to help. With over 45 combined years of experience as injury lawyers, we’ve successfully recovered millions for seriously injured people. For additional information, including a free case consultation with a motorcycle accident attorney, call 502-459-7555 now.

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