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Cooper and Friedman is continally striving to keep our clients and the community up-to-date with legal issues that may affect them. We also enjoy sharing any developments at our law firm. Check out our blog below for the latest news and info, including articles that address topics relevant to our practice areas including personal injury law, car accidents and workers compensation.

Debt Collector Harassment – Know Your Rights

Written by Cooper and Friedman on April 18, 2018

Collections and Credit: What You Should Know When you owe money to a business or person, they may report your debt to a debt collection agency that will act as a third party between the debtor and the creditor. Depending on your situation, that third party agency may report your collection to nationwide credit reporting […]

Dangers of Dog Bites: Information You Need from a Dog Bite Lawyer

Written by Cooper and Friedman on April 6, 2018

If a dog has teeth, it can bite. Unfortunately sometimes this happens to you or someone you know without warning. More than 4.5 million people in the U.S. are bitten by dog each year. The steps you take after a dog bite really depend on the severity of it and the specifics of the situation. […]

Alcohol and Driving: European Union Calls for New Strategy

Written by Cooper and Friedman on March 26, 2018

In an effort to reduce alcohol-related auto accidents on Europe’s roads, the European Committee of the Regions — an advisory body made up of local and regional politicians there to advise policy making — is urging the European Union to utilize car breathalyzer “alcolocks”, according to U.K. paper the Independent. “Alcolocks” prevent drivers from being […]

20 Facts about Truck Accidents from a Truck Accident Attorney

Written by Cooper and Friedman on March 16, 2018

The trucking industry is an important part of the nation’s economy. The industry hauls trillions of dollars’ worth of goods back and forth across America. Trucks are involved in thousands of accidents each year due to the amount of time these drivers spend on the road. A truck accident can be caused by wide variety of […]

Workers’ Compensation: 5 Things You Should Do If You Get Hurt At Work

Written by Cooper and Friedman on March 7, 2018

Workers’ compensation provides workers (or their dependents) benefits after a work-related injury or disease. These benefits may include replacing lost wages, costs of medical treatment, rehabilitation costs, and other potential compensation for things such as transportation or emotional distress. Laws regarding workers’ compensation vary from state to state, though federal employees are protected by the […]

Need a Dog Bite Lawyer? 5 Symptoms of Rabies in Humans

Written by Cooper and Friedman on February 28, 2018

Dog bites are unfortunately pretty common, occurring millions of times each year all over the world. The effects of dog bites run from the obvious (pain, swelling, scarring) to the lethal. Rabies is one of the most devastating diseases a human can contract. For non-vaccinated individuals, once neurological symptoms of rabies have developed, the result […]

Is Slander in the Workplace Legal?

Written by Cooper and Friedman on February 20, 2018

At some point in everyone’s adult life, they encounter an issue in the workplace. For some, the issue involves the boss and a clash of personalities. For others, it is a co-worker with a vendetta that becomes a problem for them. No matter what the issue is, if it is affecting your productivity and making […]

10 Facts about Traumatic Brain Injuries

Written by Cooper and Friedman on February 12, 2018

When a person experiences a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, the effects are devastating for both the injured party as well as their friends and family members. In fact, in the United States about 30% of all injury deaths result from traumatic brain injuries. If a person survives a TBI, the symptoms can last a […]

Workplace Harassment and Bullying: What Is It and What To Do About It

Written by Cooper and Friedman on January 22, 2018

In October 2017, The New York Times published an article detailing film producer Harvey Weinstein’s harassment of Hollywood actresses. After that initial story broke out, the floodgates opened. Sexual harassment in the workplace became a hot button topic all over the world, sparking discussions and think pieces galore. But it’s not just sexual harassment– bullying […]

What is a Tort Lawyer and Why is Tort Law Important?

Written by Cooper and Friedman on January 12, 2018

Is “tort law” simply “personal injury”? In context, yes. Literally, however, the word “tort” derives from the Latin “tortus,” which means wrong. A tort is the civil wrong inflicted on one person by another entity, be it person or business. A civil wrong is not quite at the level of an actual crime. This means compensation in […]

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