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Bus Accident Statistics and FAQs from an Accident Attorney

Written by Cooper and Friedman on July 16, 2018

Everyday thousands of buses carry people to and from school, work, and even across the country. Buses are an affordable and environmentally friendly transportation method. Thus they are becoming an increasingly popular choice of travel within the U.S. However, when a bus accident occurs, it often results in numerous injuries, fatalities and property damage. Both […]

Understanding Premises Liability Law – An Overview

Written by Cooper and Friedman on July 5, 2018
slip and fall injuries

Premise liability law is a legal concept used in personal injury cases to determine who is liable for an injury that occurred on a particular premise. If a property owner failed to use reasonable care, and an injury was sustained by a visitor, they may be held liable for compensation. Depending on the case, the […]

Louisville Accident Attorney Explains Pedestrian Accidents Every Parent Should Know

Written by Cooper and Friedman on June 14, 2018

It’s every parent’s goal to keep their children safe. However, at some point during the day, everyone is a pedestrian and at risk for being involved in a traffic accident. According to a report conducted by the Governors Highway Safety Association, approximately 5,984 pedestrians were killed in 2017. This represents a trending increase that is […]

Motorcycle Safety: 10 Important Facts to Know from a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Written by Cooper and Friedman on May 18, 2018

Warm weather is just around the corner and people will be out on the road riding their motorcycles in no time. It seems like the perfect time to go over the facts and figures that can help keep motorcycle enthusiasts safe while riding. Even if you prefer a vehicle with four wheels, it’s everybody’s responsibility […]

Common Causes of Burn Injury Cases

Written by Cooper and Friedman on May 7, 2018

Types of Burn Injuries A burn is an injury where a person’s flesh, tissue, or skin is damaged by heat, electric shock, chemicals, or radiation. Burn injuries are extremely painful and can lead to scarring and nerve damage. Treatment for severe burns often includes excision, skin grafts, and physical therapy. All of these treatments mean […]

Defective Product Injuries – 5 Cases

Written by Cooper and Friedman on April 26, 2018

Defective Product Injuries and Legal Theories When a company sells a defective product that is the cause of a serious injury, that company deserves to be held responsible for damage caused.  Whether you were injured by an item you bought yourself or it was something you were required to use on the job, you may […]

Dangers of Dog Bites: Information You Need from a Dog Bite Lawyer

Written by Cooper and Friedman on April 6, 2018

If a dog has teeth, it can bite. Unfortunately sometimes this happens to you or someone you know without warning. More than 4.5 million people in the U.S. are bitten by dog each year. The steps you take after a dog bite really depend on the severity of it and the specifics of the situation. […]

Need a Dog Bite Lawyer? 5 Symptoms of Rabies in Humans

Written by Cooper and Friedman on February 28, 2018

Dog bites are unfortunately pretty common, occurring millions of times each year all over the world. The effects of dog bites run from the obvious (pain, swelling, scarring) to the lethal. Rabies is one of the most devastating diseases a human can contract. For non-vaccinated individuals, once neurological symptoms of rabies have developed, the result […]

Is Slander in the Workplace Legal?

Written by Cooper and Friedman on February 20, 2018

At some point in everyone’s adult life, they encounter an issue in the workplace. For some, the issue involves the boss and a clash of personalities. For others, it is a co-worker with a vendetta that becomes a problem for them. No matter what the issue is, if it is affecting your productivity and making […]

10 Facts about Traumatic Brain Injuries

Written by Cooper and Friedman on February 12, 2018

When a person experiences a traumatic brain injury, or TBI, the effects are devastating for both the injured party as well as their friends and family members. In fact, in the United States about 30% of all injury deaths result from traumatic brain injuries. If a person survives a TBI, the symptoms can last a […]

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